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The Remington called Rikki

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Globe & Mail response on the intelligence of crows

Here's a link to the Globe and Mail article in Facts and Arguments, June 2016: And here's my response, published in Letters to the Editor, Globe & Mail, July 4, 2

March 28, 2016: a grim anniversary

March 28, 2016 It’s March 28th again. Seventy-five years ago today Virginia Woolf drowned herself in the River Ouse. And each year during the days leading up to this date, I think of her. A prolific a

Jane Rule (1931-2007) and me

Jane Rule (1931-2007) and me I’m sorry to say I never met Jane Rule. I knew about her, of course; she was in the media spotlight now and then, particularly in the 1970s when I was coming of age. I wan

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